June 2 – Tabor Hill

There has not been a lot happening over the past couple of days.  John and I met with FTC on Friday morning.  They have been our partners here in Kenya over the past two years and have helped to oversee our latrine project.

After our meeting with FTC, we played tourist.  We visited Bomas of Kenya, a cultural park where different aspects of Kenyan culture are displayed.  The goal of the park is to preserve and showcase Kenya’s major ethnic groups.  Traditional huts which represent the living patterns of tribal families in the past were set up in individual plots that were enclosed by bushes and trees – it was interesting picture of the culture.  From the villages, we wandered into an auditorium to watch a dance group put on a performance of traditional songs and dance.

Monday – June 2 

This morning, the FTC driver picked us up at nine for our drive to Nyahururu where we will be staying for the next two weeks while we visit the schools and check on our latrine projects.  Somehow we managed to get our six large suitcases, and four carry ons crammed into the vehicle for the four hour drive.

Our first stop was at Uiguano Elementary School where the latrines for our sixth school are under construction.  We met our contractor, Amos Yator who holds a degree in Engineering and is very proud of the work he is doing – both John and i were very impressed with his work, his attention to detail and his practicality.  He has gone above and beyond the work set out in the original contract.  Some of the latrine blocks were as far along as 90% while others are just getting started.  It enabled us to see the construction at different stages.

From there we went to Tabor Hill, a spiritual retreat, where we will be staying for the next two weeks.  Sorry there won’t be photos as they eat up this modem.  This won’t be as interesting as India – it is just a way to keep in touch.

Hugs to all


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