Meeting with Chairs of Sponsorship Committees

Hi there, we are moving forward, slowly but surely.

On Sunday, Claude, Chair of the Rosedale Refugee Committee, held a meeting of the Refugee Sponsoring Committee Chairs. We came together to identify where we are at and to set-up ways that we can support each other through the sharing of information – 3 of the 14 groups are ready to make application.

Odyssey to Canada has completed all the required training and security background checks. We have the minimum of $40,000 in cheques ready to be deposited as soon as the bank account is set up – Claude feels that it would be nice if we had a bit of a cushion, to cover unforeseen expenses and possibly the airfare expenses that our family will be faced with as soon as they land in Canada, so please don’t hesitate to accept further financial support if you find someone willing to give a donation.

As for when we can expect to submit our application? Claude is meeting with the financial group working to set-up the bank accounts this week. Apparently, all that is needed is a Memorandum of Agreement to be set-up and signed. Once that is done our funds will be deposited and our application will go to AURA – hopefully by the end of this week.

The group discussed some of the challenges that we will be facing us as the families arrive: temporary accommodation, household items, etc.   At the moment, we have had numerous offers of household items but we have no place to collect and store these items. If any of you know of where we might find storage space, I would be happy to hear from you.

I will attempt to keep you posted as we move along – once the application has been submitted we will have another meeting to set up tasks and responsibilities.

Thanks again for all your support and you commitment.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, or suggestions.

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