December 07 – Status Report




As we watch the news and see refugees arriving and being settled in different parts of the country, I am sure you are wondering where our family is: when we will find out who they are, and when they will be arriving.

I have been to three related meetings this week and I want you to know that all is moving along well. We have submitted the required MOU (Memorandum of Understanding between the Church and Settlement Groups) that was holding up the opening up of the bank accounts and have submitted all the necessary documents – we now wait for the next step.

According to AURA, the agency submitting the documents to the government, the bottleneck is the government’s clearing of the Blended Visa Office Referred applicants (BVOR) – the refugees who are being brought in under the private group sponsorships such as ours. The refugees we are seeing on the news are the government and private individual sponsorships that have been in the pipeline for a long time.

I have been told that our application will go in and that there will be BVOR applicants the first of January. I understand it is difficult to wait and I too am anxious to keep this moving.

I want you to know that I will stay on top of this and will do everything in my power to keep it moving forward.

I also want to thank you for the support we have received and for your patience with all of this.

I promise to keep you posted and let you know as soon as there is any movement.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


One thought on “December 07 – Status Report

  1. The work that you have done, the humanitarian commitment that is within your soul, the connections that you champion, are overwhelmingly admirable. Thank you for sharing your journey with us all.


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