Great News!

Posted on April 19, 2016 by Norma Davis
Hi everyone – we finally, some good news. We have been matched with a family. Late Friday night, the night before we left for a 5 week vacation, I received confirmation from the Government of Canada’s Matching Center that we had been matched with Zekeriya Sai from Syria, his wife, and four children, 2 boys 8 and 6, and two girls 2 and 1. Zelkeriya and his family are currently living in Lebanon – I don’t know much more for the moment. There were lots of papers to fill out, sign, and return before we left so I did not have time to get this out.

We are excited and looking forward to welcoming them. However, we have no idea when that will be – the documents we received said they are travel ready? Lloyd and I are hoping it won’t be before we get home on May 20th. If it does happen, we feel confident that Gill and Andre will do a great job of pulling everybody together and looking after them.

I will fill in more information as we receive it. This has been a frustrating journey – now the work begins.

Thanks to all of those who supported me in this venture – your support is what kept me going.


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