Monday’s Blog

Hi everyone,

Gill, Andre, and the team were busy today completing the appointments and introducing the children to the local librarian.  You can see by Gill’s blog below that a lot was accomplished and the family is beginning to relax and settle into their new home.

Monday’s Blog

Monday, June 27. Chady took the boys to school. At 9:15 a.m. Andre, Gill, Samantha and Melad collected Chady, Zeinab, Sara and Sadil, along with all their important documents, to go to Service Ontario at Bloor and Islington. Samantha and Gill filled in the OHIP applications for all our family members and produced the required documentation. Samantha and Melad talked to the Agent at the counter throughout the process. It was a long process but the Service Ontario Agent was extremely helpful, patient and went out of his way to move our applications along. We then completed the forms for Chady and Zeinab to get Ontario ID cards. Payment was $35 each. We then went to register Chady, Zeinab, Hamza and Yousef at the Toronto Public Library. This also was a long process however it was all completed and library cards issued. The Library Manager was extremely anxious to assist along with her staff – at one time she was kneeling down to open books to show Sara the colourful pictures. We drove our family back to their home around 1:15 Boys were collected from school at 3 p.m. Today, we noticed that for the first time Sara and Sadil were smiling when they saw us coming and reached out for a pick up. The smiles were with sparking eyes and giggles.


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