Settling In

As work continues to help Chady and his family settle in, Gill, Andre, Melad, and Azza are there to support them.  Last week Gill, Andre and Melad took took family to the Rexdale Medical Clinic for their first general medical exam.  Unfortunately, the vaccines were frozen so they have to return this week to complete the vaccinations  and get blood tests done.  They also stopped at the supermarket where they shopped for groceries and Chady got to use his debit card for the first time.

On Canada Day, Lloyd and Norma took the family to Harbour Front for their first Canada Day celebration.  It was a fun filled day and great experience for the family.  I have attached photos for the events and I want to thank the Dugas and Markos family again for all the support and work that they are putting into making sure that Chady and his family have the very best health care and feel welcome.




One thought on “Settling In

  1. What a beautiful family! Welcome to Canada! We know you are in the very best hands with Norma and Lloyd ! Welcome welcome welcome!


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