Fall Update

Hi there,

As we move into the fall we continue to work at helping our family adjust to life in a their new home. The cooler weather has meant warmer clothing for everyone.  A trip to New Circles and Costco helped with that.  It is difficult to know how the family is feeling as English is still a bit of a challenge but they are working on it.   The “Say Hi” App on my cell phone has been an invaluable tool when difficult issues arise.

 Chady & Zeinab are attending ESL Classes and the boys are attending classes at Rivercrest Elementary School in Etobicoke. Hamza at 9 is in grade four and Yousef at 6 is in grade one. We are hoping that by Christmas they will be teaching their parents English. Kids are like sponges – they pick up a language pretty quickly. Sara and Sadil are both enjoying daycare and will probably be the first to understand the language.

Gill and Andre have been busy taking the family to medical and dental appointments, and whatever else is needed while Melad and Azza are working hard to ensure that the family is included in the community.   They have welcomed the family into their home and have become an important part of the family’s life – for that we are very thankful.  

I am disappointed that I didn’t get any photos of the Thanksgiving dinner we had in the party room of our condo – I was so busy cooking for 14 that I just didn’t think of it. However, I did get photos of our recent trip to the Syrian exhibit at the Aga Khan Museum. Thanks to Ramon for help with transporting them. It is always a challenge trying to transport mom, dad, and four kids anywhere. It was a beautiful day.


 The Museum has beautiful grounds and the staff were warm and welcoming.


Our trip to Aga Khan


Ramon playing a computer game with the boys


Lloyd walking the girls


Zeinab, Chady, & Hamza


Outside the Museum