Dinner with the Almanaked Family


Chady and Zeinab hosted a wonderful dinner at their home in Etobicoke last night.  A meal of traditional Syrian food was served – with enough food to feed the whole neighbourhood.  I have posted a few photos here of the family, Gill & Andre, Margaret & Ramon, Melad, Azza,and their boys, and Lloyd & myself.  

I want to say a very big thank you to Chady & Zeinab and to everyone who has helped to make this all happen.  

We now move forward to helping them adjust to the upcoming winter.


Halloween Trick or Treating

Halloween Trick or Treating

 Thanks to the Dugas family, Gill, Andre, and their daughter Samantha and her family, Chady and his family experienced their first Halloween in their new country.

 Gill and Andre found great costumes for Hamza and Yousef and took them trick or treating in a neighbourhood that was “incredibly decorated”. They visited over 20 houses and had a wonderful time.

 After that they finished trick or treating, they joined Chady, Zeinab, and the girls at the Rexdale Alliance Church where they joined Melad’s family and a group of children who were taking part in a Harvest Celebration.  

 Thanks to the Dugas and Markos families, (and the weather) it is a memory that I am sure will stay with the family for a long time.halloween-2016-008halloween-2016-004halloween-2016-009will stay with the family for a long time.