Stage 2 – Odyssey Project

Things are moving along very quickly!   As you can see from the top of the blog, we have decided on a name Odyssey to Canada Project. We felt this best describes what we are trying to do. The government is fast-tracking applications, so with any luck we may have our family here by Christmas!

On Saturday, Nov 7th the Settlement Workers from Odyssey attended AURA’s training session held by Ian McBride. It was an information-packed two-hour session. Ian has been working together with sponsoring groups to bring refugees to Canada for the past 15 years. He is a great support person with a wealth of resources at his fingertips.

I didn’t mention this in my first posting and it is important. There are several ways one is able to be a part of the Odyssey project. The group consists of Settlement Workers, those who will be directly interacting with the family personally on a continuous basis, and Financial Supporters, those who are the foundation of the project but for various reasons are unable to help with settlement. We need all the help we can get from everyone and would love to your hear from you. We will promise to keep everyone posted on our progress.

Yesterday, Sunday, Nov 8th, Rosedale United Church held a Benefit Concert for their Syrian Refugee Program. Over 15 well-known, professional performers donated their time and talents in support of the Program. It was a beautiful concert and the church was packed. All funds raised will go to Rosedale United Church Refugee Relief Programs.

After the concert, Odyssey Settlement Workers met together to update everyone on where we are at the moment, and to assess our individual strengths. We distributed the list of “Sponsor’s Obligations” and are in the process of dividing up the work to be accomplished.

We have now completed the security checks and accomplished the required training sessions for the Settlement Workers. The only item left holding up our formal application is to reach our financial goal of $40,000.

Thank you to all who are supporting us – we couldn’t do it without you!

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